Champagne Campaign – Lead Self in Health

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Life is all about transactions. When I say that, I’m not just talking about buying essentials like red wine and chocolate (though let’s be honest, they’re on the list), I’m really emphasising those transactions we make where the currency is our own time or energy.

Those two precious commodities are the most valuable currency we own, so it’s critically important that we get a good return on our personal investment. Highly performing people – leaders in industry or in their personal lives – have an admirable passion which drives them forward and propels them to giddy heights. Sometimes however, that propellant is toxic and infects your aura like flu, dragging you back down.

Watch this brief video to see how you can avoid giving up your health for wealth.

LEAD Self for Health and Wealth –

We have six strategies which are designed to help highly performing individuals build assets around their own health to drive personal and organisational performance and productivity.  As a start, we all need to become leaders. That doesn’t mean trying to create a standing army to march on the gates of Rome, but to lead your own life; to be accountable for our own health when generating wealth.

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