Champagne Campaign – Sneakers & Solitude


I’ve been in Paris for a week and according to my fancy wrist-wearable gadget that counts every step I take, I’ve averaged over 15 000 each day. That’s pretty good considering the general recommendation is that we get the equivalent of 10 000 steps a day.

For more insight into where the recommendation for 10 000 steps a day comes from and the full version of this blog post please visit –

So what I’ve learnt … what the champagne campaign taught me this week:

It’s okay to drink coffee alone at a pavement café. In fact, it should be compulsory. Be places where you have no reason to be. Don’t meet anyone. Don’t check in on Facebook or share a picture of your cappuccino on Instagram. In fact, switch off your phone. It’s exciting to break your own habits, to bring in what Joni calls ‘behaviour interrupters’.

Surrender to the moment. You’ll never know what could happen as you expand the scope of your possibilities, even by just being still. Stay as long as you like and leave only when you’re ready. There is something a bit dangerous yet delicious about freedom like this.

Take a deep breath. Feel your beating heart. Listen to yourself. In these moments you can regain control of your life. Do nothing. Savour these stolen moments. Just be in this moment, suspended in time. They belong to no-one else.

How will you surrender to solitude this week?


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