Delicious & Easy Raw Energy Bites

Raw Energy Bites

 4 handfuls pitted Dates

4 handfuls dried Cranberries

4 handfuls Raw nuts of choice (almond, pecan or cashews work well)

4 Tablespoons Cocoa

4 Tablespoons raw Honey plus a little water if too thick

1/2 – 1 teaspoon Orange essence


Throw it all in the blender – blend to desired texture (I like it chunky).
Lightly flour a flat service and decant blended contents.


OPTIONAL: use desiccated coconut or finely crushed  nuts or sesame seeds.
Press the mixture flat and about 1cm thick.
Cut into desired size (smaller is better).
Flip each square over to get flour on the other side to prevent sticking.

OPTIONAL: Can also be rolled into small balls and coated with coconut or sesame seeds.


These litttle morsels can also be frozen so if you have time why not make a larger batch and freeze for homemade treats?

Enjoy, but not all at once!

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