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Let’s face it, Mediterranean Europeans are the apple of many of our eyes; from the glowing, clear skin to the chestnut eyes and bright white teeth, these hardworking and joyful people are often admired from afar in their seemingly utopian lifestyle. Something which has definitely struck me from my time in the South of France is the influence of diet on people’s vitality and happiness.

We’re all guilty of slipping off the “good food” wagon now and again. Picking double pepperoni over the vegetable medley is fine, and no one is pretending that the romans don’t get sore heads from having one too many flagons of wine, but there is actually a huge amount to be gained from living a more Mediterranean diet.

The key is simplicity.

What are the obvious ingredients to a “healthy” diet? Vegetables – check; freshness – check; natural – check. That’s the bones of eating in the Mediterranean style. It’s not about loaves of bread as big as the dog; it’s about balance and using carbs like pasta or bread as an accompaniment, not the main body of a meal.

For a daily meal plan and more insights into how to eat like a Mediterranean check out the full post here –

Another boon of the Mediterranean lifestyle is the use of fresh herbs. Salt and pepper are the wooden spoons of seasoning: useful, but limited. Fresh garden herbs are the Swiss army knife: varied, exciting and always the solution to creating a flavoursome meal.

When it comes down to it, a Mediterranean diet is quite easy, but you will want to ease yourself in. Try going vegetarian one night a week, or experimenting with different types of fish. Try hummus with lunch at work over a chocolate bar. With time, it’ll feel natural and your body, as well as your mind, will thank you for it.

Watch a quick video filmed in the Mediterranean thats shows a local’s (my cousin) fresh herbs!

Eat Like A Mediterranean –


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