4 Emergency Lunch Supplies To Keep In Your Drawer

Most of our working days are so hectic that we hardly have time to take time out to eat lunch, let alone go buy lunch. And nine times out of ten, the most convenient options are not always the healthiest. By keeping a few emergency supplies in your desk drawer you can always be sure of a healthy lunch, even if you didn’t have time to pack anything the night before or no time to leave your desk.

  • Canned options

Nowadays it seems like you can get just about anything in a tin or can! Although fresh is always better, there are a few canned options that are great for lunchtime emergencies. Stock up on canned fish varieties such as salmon or tuna, lean chicken and a whole range of beans comes in cans now, also sweetcorn and deli type items such as olives and artichokes. Fruit canned in light syrup is also a convenient non-perishable item to keep in your drawer. When possible, purchase smaller tins to make portion control easier and be sure you have a can opener handy!

  • High fibre Crackers and Biscuits

High fibre or low GI crackers and biscuits such as Provitas, Ryevitas or Corn thins go well with any of the canned options above or can be eaten with a little bit of peanut butter or cheese as a quick snack. Look out for choices that are packaged in smaller amounts such as the pre packed Provitas or Nairns Oatcakes.

  • Dried fruit
Dried fruit is a super desk drawer delight as it helps for afternoon sweet cravings and provides concentrated carbohydrate for some one who is on the run. Stick to a handful (40-50g). Some ideas that have worked well for me in the past are mango strips with cheese, sultanas with a protein choice from above or dried apricots or apple rings dipped into peanut butter. Look out for funky new products such as dried fruit crisps, dried olives and dried berries.
  • Nut butters

I love my jar of peanut butter – not only because a teaspoon out the jar feels sinful but also because it is packed with protein and healthy fats (look out for those without added sugar). There are other nut spreads available such as almond or cashew nut butter. Take an apple, quarter and dip into your nut butter of choice for a power snack.



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