7 Super Healthy Hostess Entertaining Tips

Want to avoid putting on weight over the holidays?

Many of us will be eating out a lot more over this time. Eating out can be a great experience but “supersize” portions, endless variety, alcohol and tasty-but-kilojoule dense treats can turn out to be a dietary disaster. Most people end each year with quite a few kilos that were not there in October.

Many of us will be entertained as well as entertaining ourselves. Why not as host or hostess, make it easier for yourself and your guests to make healthier choices these holidays?

7 Tips for healthier entertaining: 

1. Prepare less food – large quantities of food make people eat more. If there is less food and less variety people will likely eat less and still enjoy the association. You’ll also spend less time rushing in the kitchen and more time with loved ones.

2. Use small dishes and glasses – it really works. Smaller plates will help you and your guests dish up less. Smaller glasses mean less juice or punch.

3. Savour the occasion – don’t rush the meal. Allow time for each course to settle, it takes about 20 minutes for your mind to realise that you have eaten and are now satisfied. As the host or hostess, YOU determine the pace of the meal. Act Italian and let meals stretch over a few hours.

4. Always have a variety of salads and vegetable based dishes to make it easier to fill up on the good stuff. Spice up salads and add as many vegetable-based ingredients as possible. Some vegetable dish ideas: grilled asparagus spears with low oil mayonnaise; roasted butternut and beetroot with rosemary; cherry tomatoes lightly ‘fried’ in balsamic vinegar served with chopped fresh basil.

5. Serve healthier lower fat snacks such as popcorn and pretzels. Platters of crudites make for attractive and tasty treats instead of high fat snacks such as crisps.

6. Serve water in attractive jugs infused with a variety of sliced fruit such as strawberries, lemon, oranges, cucumber, cherries or mint. Encourage guests to drink water along with any alcoholic beverage.

7. Serve more fruit-based desserts as these tend to be lower in fat and higher in nutrients. Think mixed berry sauce with thin pancakes; fruit salad and light cream; homemade mango sorbet; baked bananas with light custard; baked cinnamon apples with Greek style yoghurt.

Here’s to a happy healthy holiday season. Don’t underestimate the power of simple changes and compensation. Small changes can add up to surprisingly big course corrections. As the entertainer this holiday season, you can still keep taking small steps that move you forward to your goal of increased energy and vitality!

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