Finding Your Personal Raison D’être

Post about finding your personal raison d'etre


There’s a question that stops many people dead in their tracks. It’s a simple question, but it’s surprising how few people can actually answer it. Ready?



What do you have to look forward to? 


So many of us aren’t really living. We just exist, endlessly running on a human hamster wheel that is often of our own making. We’ve lost that elusive thing the French call raison d’être – the most important reason for your existence.


Just as the grapes for champagne have to be grown in a specific terroir – the specific characteristics of geography, geology and climate in a grape-growing region – your life also needs a terroir, which is an environment conducive to living your very best life.


Research into the “blue zones” – several longevity hotspots around the world where people not only live longer, but live better – two of the top secrets to a long, vital life are a purpose, or reason to wake up in the morning, and strong social networks.


But many of us don’t have time to cultivate the personal terroir that could lead to us living a long and vibrant life.


We’re so busy that we tend to not spend as much time with our loved ones, and we don’t have the time or energy to cultivate new friendships, or design our lives in such a way that we have something to look forward to.


It doesn’t have to be every day – although that would be great! And perhaps you can combine the two by cultivating a few strong relationships that bring you so much joy and fulfilment that they are the thing you look forward to. Perhaps your family gives you a reason to wake up each day.


And of course, you don’t need just one enormous raison d’être.


You can have multiple small ones for the various aspects of your life – social, romance, financial, community, spiritual… It’s about quality, not quantity; about finding things and people that feed your soul and create the right conditions for your life to flourish.


These are some of the themes we’ll be investigating at the retreat that launches the Champagne Campaign in September. Come and spend some time with like-minded souls, learning a host of techniques for living a fuller life that is healthier in mind, body and spirit – and learning to celebrate each day for moments of joy it brings.


Link to programme – 


The Champagne Campaign helps people feel fantastic ‒ without giving up life’s greatest pleasures! It is a wellbeing programme of talks, workshops and retreats that uses the champagne-making process as a metaphor for your own life. Using curiosity, connection and celebration as fundamental principles, it charts a course towards wellbeing – a wellbeing that goes far beyond physical health, adding celebration, joy, sharing, effervescence and vitality to your life. 


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