Healthy Snacking – Shop, Drop, Stop

Healthy snacking - shop drop stop

I’m in a place that I’ve often heard about but never been to. The World Economic Forum takes place here… Yeah, you guessed it, I’m in Davos. I got up before 6:00 AM this morning and I’ve caught a long cab, a plane, and three trains. And the reason why I’m sharing this is because today I followed some of my own advice and I’m very grateful because it seemed obvious, but common knowledge is not always common practice. Right? 


One of the things I teach around managing your energy and performance and staying fit to lead is to shop, drop and stop.


This is what today’s video is about. Prefer to read? Scroll down the blog post.




So keep strategic snacks in your environment by shopping for them, dropping them in your laptop bag, your desk, your drawer, your car if you drive a lot, your travel suitcase, and then remember to stop and have them. And I was so grateful that I did that today because I didn’t really have time to go and look for healthier snacks. And it’s really hard to sometimes find healthy choices when you’re running through train stations and airports.


And so today it was a lifesaver. I had some cashew nuts. I love the combination of cashew nuts with dried apricots, so I always buy these together. I also like almonds and dried cranberries. What’s also useful to have, is a plant-based high protein shake that’s easy to dilute with water. I also love low carb, low sugar protein based bars with coconut, nuts and seeds.


So why I share this is that I get the munchies when I travel. I don’t know about you, I just get hungry and you can often get quite tired because it’s so taxing to travel and being able to have something healthy and energizing to enjoy and eat while you’re jumping from plane to train to cab – it’s such a gift! So I was really grateful that today I had shopped so I could then stop and eat them because I dropped them in my environment.


So why not do that. Don’t wait for the next trip. Do it tomorrow! 


Go get yourself a bunch of non-perishable snacks that you like. If you want some ideas, just drop me a line, send me a message or leave a comment below. I’d be very happy to share ideas. Then take the snacks and put them in your environment, put them in your desk drawer, your travel bag, your laptop bag so that they’re there when you need them.


It is so not worth feeling flat and tired when you’re traveling. We need to be at our best, right? We may not be professional athletes, but we certainly are corporate athletes and that takes consideration into how you fuel your body. Not all the time. Of course you can have other things that are maybe full of sugar, but 80% of the time try and choose the right things.


The other reason why I’m glad I did this is when I got to the hotel, I had this lovely gift – beautiful chocolates from the Network for Transformational Leaders. I promise you I would have wiped out these babies if I had not had those snacks. That’s not to say I’m not going to eat them. I am, but I’m going to enjoy them more mindfully and not just eat them because I’m so famished.


So there you go. A piece of advice that may help you if you’re traveling, and even if it is just commuting to and from work, or having busy days with lots of meetings. Shop, drop, and then stop for the right strategic snacks.

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