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Grape juice without rest is just that – grape juice. Grape juice that rests with intention has the potential to become wine. And with a second fermentation – champagne!


It’s a simple but powerful metaphor for what rest can do for us too – take us from a life of drudgery and to one that is sweet – la vie douce, or as the Italians put it, la dolce vita!


We live in a society that glorifies busyness and vilifies rest.


People are fond of saying that rest is for the week, or they’ll sleep when they’re dead, but at the Champagne Campaign, rest is regarded as a vital part of a balanced, beautiful life. Especially if you want to leverage the impact of effervescent leadership. 


Of course, rest includes getting both the right quality and quantity of sleep, but it also includes the art of doing nothing, what the Italians call il dolce far niente – or the sweetness of doing nothing. Imagine doing nothing, and enjoying it – living purely in the moment without getting bored; without feeling the pressure to check something else off your to-do list.


Or imagine taking the time to consider your dreams, to use them to gain insight into yourself and your life, and tap into greater creativity. Carl Jung’s approach to this is so useful, and at the Champagne Campaign workshops, there’s a short module that gives a framework for journalling and unpacking our dreams. It’s a simple yet powerful technique that has helped me to make better decisions and to approach sleep with more ease and excitement. 


Rest is a vital component of wellbeing and living the sweet life.


It doesn’t help if you’re eating well, exercising and meditating, and trying to get by on five hours of sleep a night. You can power nap for a quick boost, but you can’t hack rest. And why would you? Intentional rest and sleep are the way back to greater productivity and creativity, and a much more fulfilling life in general.


These are some of the themes that I investigate in my workshops and presentations. Contact me for more details if you would like to spend some time with like-minded souls, learning a host of techniques for living a fuller life that is healthier in mind, body and spirit – and learning to celebrate the restorative power of rest.


If you would like to be informed of workshop and event opportunities as well as all things sparkling and pleasurable, you can sign up here.



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