Tiny Easy Steps to Wellbeing – how Jon prevented gut problems during his trip to India

In this interview, Jon talks about a couple of simple things he did during a very special trip to India that helped him keep his gut healthy, while other companions suffered from common stomach issues throughout the trip.


Everybody else was through the eye of a needle, shall we say, and my friend and I came out of it with our gut health intact and we had a fantastic time. We didn’t even have the stomach cramps other people were getting all the time.”


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Hi. So I’m with Jon Ralph. Thank you for joining me and for being keen to share one or two small things that you did on a very special trip to India that had significant benefits for you. Would you like to tell us more?


Yes, it was a trip of a lifetime, life changing really. And it was a friend of mine as well that came with me. And it was a motorcycle trip to the Himalayas. So it was going up to the highest points in terms of navigable roads and through a country which was well known, should we say, for stomach issues. So it was part of the planning. We just wanted to make it the best it could possibly be.


So both my friend and I visited a clinical nutritionist and we had a session in terms of how do we prevent getting bad gut bacteria within India? Because it was known that everybody who goes there often have problems. So we had the consultations, she had a look at us, she did the questionnaires, she looked at all the medication that we were on, and tailored the program in terms of what we should be doing when we went over there.


So when we went over there, it was very much a daily regime of the support that we took. And there were a couple of things that resonated with me along the way. There was a group of 30 of us doing the motorcycle trip over the Himalayas, and every day, there were two awards – one was ‘dick of the day’, which you can imagine what sort of thing that was (it was the most stupid event during the day). And I can remember one guy, trying to start his motorcycle (it was a kickstart motorcycle). So he got off the motorcycle, left it in gear and tried to kickstart it. And there are sewers down the side of the road in India, and he kickstarted his bike into the roadside sewer! So that was one ‘dick of the day’ award.


But the other award was a toilet seat. A toilet seat was awarded to somebody in the group who had a problem with their stomach because it was expected. And my friend and I went through the whole two-week experience without a problem. Everybody else was through the eye of a needle, shall we say, and my friend and I came out of it with our gut health intact and we had a fantastic time.


We didn’t even have the stomach cramps other people were getting all the time. So it was a huge benefit to visit a professional before we went, to do the planning, to get the support required, knowing what we were going to be up against there, and we came back having a fantastic time and in full gut health!


And can I ask you two things? Did you ever feel, firstly, that you were excluded or losing out? I mean, did you still eat with the others?


Yes, we ate exactly the same stuff as the others. We had street food. We were transacting with the local money. Everything we did was exactly the same as everybody else.


Secondly, was it because you were taking some kind of supplements to boost your gut health?


Yes, it was an additive to water that killed the bad gut bacteria, all the bad things coming in. And then it was the supplements which then supported the good bacteria. And just by those two things coming together it did exactly what we needed it to do.


That’s fantastic. And the application into daily life is that many of us could benefit from getting some advice and preparing, thinking about our gut health, to help us not just when we’re perhaps in a place where we’re more prone to getting ill, but even today.


Yes. It was about planning ahead and asking somebody who knows what they’re talking about, getting the advice, and following it to the letter, and that’s exactly what we did.


Thank you. As a true leader should, you find a strategy that works and then you stick to the strategy.


Yes, absolutely!


Thank you, Jon for sharing that. I really appreciate that you were happy to share your tiny habit. And may you have many more of those trips and never get the toilet seat.


Absolutely. One trip a year, that’s what we do. 


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