Just as the essence of champagne is about celebration, sharing and effervescence, so too is the essence of being a leader, when we are at our vibrant best!

Santé is a wellbeing programme, with an elegant difference.

Santé programme aim & objectives:

  • To bring reprieve from the relentless pace that stressed professionals and leaders experience and offer some reprieve and refreshment.
  • To provide a vibrant contrast to the normal heaviness and isolation that leadership roles create and offer replenishment and joy.

Participants will … 

  • Learn greater self awareness and self regulation techniques so that they are less stressed, feel calmer and sustain performance.
  • Cultivate joy and happiness so that they are more engaged and productive.
  • Learn how to be present and mindful for greater focus and collaboration.
  • Use curiosity and mental wellbeing to enhance receptivity to new ideas and to drive innovation.

Core learning outcomes …

Santé programme learning outcomes are customised after a comprehensive briefing to meet audience needs and event requirements.

  • Realise the impact that heritage has on belief systems that impact lifestyle and wellbeing.
  • Use key steps in the champagne making process as a metaphor for a current wellbeing , new challenges and aspirations helping participants bring more sparkle into work and personal life.
  • Discover how to retain pleasure and enjoyment whilst living for optimal wellness.
  • Pledge actionable changes to live life by design rather than default.

A celebratory sparkling toast with a glass of champagne to close off the session, Santé!

Santé presentation style:  

  • Santé is available as a 60-90 minute keynote presentation, or a half or full-day masterclass. Also available as a 2 day offsite retreat.
  • A variety of materials and tools are used to support inputs and group-centred experiential
    learning activities.

The content has a sound grounding in Alchemical and Jungian psychology, poetry, the arts,
culinary and movement wizardry. 


About Celynn

Celynn is a French foodie who travels around the United Kingdom and the world, sharing her experiences and philosophy on sustaining optimal energy and wellbeing. Whilst having lived most of her life in South Africa, Celynn’s family hails from the Champagne region of France and she now resides in London. This heritage has been part of the inspiration for developing Santé! She has won awards as a professional speaker, has authored two books and practiced as a nutritionist for several years before becoming a workplace wellbeing consultant. Celynn has developed various frameworks such as Performance ChemistryTM, WellculatorTM and the FAB QuotientTM. Get to know more at celynnmorin.com

Client reference:
A comprehensive list of references is available on request.

“As a speaker/facilitator I really think Celynn is one of the best I have seen in four and a half years with Vistage: great content, very knowledgeable on your subject, great engagement in numerous different ways, very useful giveaways, slides and of a very high standard and a great person too, who really lives her message.”

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