How Max Got Fantastic Results by Making Small Changes to His Morning Routine

Max Bull started to get himself healthier and fitter again in January 2020.  He’s already experienced fantastic results by just making small changes to his morning routine and keeping the 80/20 guideline in mind!


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Hi Max, thank you so much for joining me today for a quick interview on Tiny, Easy Steps to Wellbeing. I know that you’ve taken quite a few tiny, easy steps. We briefly spoke about the one that you feel is probably setting you up for the most success. So, over to you to share what that is. And please tell us where you’re from.


Thank you. My name’s Max Bull. I’m the Executive Director of the Business Design Center. So we’re an exhibition trade center in Islington, North London. We met a couple of weeks ago and I’m in very early stages of trying to get myself healthier and fitter. And I think turning 40 was a big sort of wake up last year. 


But like many people, you start off in the new year trying to get fitter and healthier. And bless my wife, who’s always doing good habits with her diets and I would come in and spoil that at night time. I’m the cook in the house, so I would throw butter and oil and make nice food, but not necessarily healthy choices.


So, in the new year I said that I would commit with her and keep a diary of what I eat. I committed to doing that from 2nd of January, sort of weighed in and we do weekly weigh-ins. 


But this change that I’ve seen is just in my morning routine. So in the morning I used to get up and run and have lots of strong coffee from an espresso, get a bit of toast and I get to work and have maybe another something if I’d had a long journey in. Now I get up, drink a pint of water, have some probiotics, some multivitamins and feel a lot more alert and awake. And then come in and have porridge or something high in fiber.


And that’s made a real difference. That gets you often into a good habit and a good start to the day. And then it’s easier to maintain that.


And well done, because you’ve lost quite a bit of weight, right?


Well, just under 11 pounds since 2nd of January.


That’s great. And so would you say that your top tip is about starting your morning off ‘right’?


I believe so, yes. I think getting into a good habit early and sticking to it, gives you that positive frame of mind for the rest of the day, and maintain that discipline throughout lunch and dinner as well.


That’s lovely. One last question is – have you noticed the difference on the days that you perhaps don’t get off onto the right kind of footing?


I’ve actually been quite disciplined. It’s very early days, but I haven’t slipped from that. Even going away, staying at hotels or meetings and sort of dreading the full English breakfasts, I’ve managed to swerve that and just go for a poached egg or just have healthy choices. 


I do notice if I go out, I think about some advice you gave me, the 80/20 rule. So I’m not trying to be perfect every moment of the day. So on the weekends we have a bit of fun. I’ve had weddings and stag parties this year already. So having that release and being able to enjoy yourself so you’re not cutting everything out, all of the time, that’s probably the reason I’ve maintained it so far.


I love that. So that’s a lovely note to end on. Start your day off with some kind of routine that gets you off to the right start and then stay balanced using the 80/20 rule.

Well done! And thank you very much for sharing that with us.


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