Celynn Morin


Professional Speaker | Registered Health Practitioner | Author | French Foodie | Wellbeing Consultant

Celynn Morin is a registered dietitian, nutritionist, and full time professional speaker, based out of London, United Kingdom and Johannesburg, South Africa. She has been awarded the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association of the United States. She has also received the accolade of ‘Outperformer’ in 2018 by Vistage UK. Celynn has co-authored two books and has developed various science-backed frameworks such as Performance Chemistry™, Wellculator™ and the FAB Quotient™. Her strength is creating awareness and igniting better lifestyle choices that help individuals and teams stay resilient and sustain high performance. Celynn has delivered almost 1000 presentations. She brings energy, inspiration and practical ideas to an audience whether there are 10 or 10 000 in attendance. 

As a high performing individual,

more energy and vitality,
more peace of mind and the ability to rest,
more balance and time to connect with loved ones, 
more celebration and ability to live life to the full!

As a business leader,

more engagement and better morale,
more healthcare cost savings and reduced sickness absence,
more of a healthy and inclusive culture,
more attraction and retention of good talent,
more ease while building an exceptional workplace!

I have proven frameworks and blueprints for how to do this, for business professionals and leaders who want to build wealth while maintaining and promoting good health.

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