How to Sustain Change Around Your Diet and Your Lifestyle



Hi, I’m at the Rathfinny Wine Estate in Sussex on the recommendation of a colleague, and I must say it’s been a great afternoon of fine dining, fine wine. They do make an incredible Sussex sparkling wine, which is made in the same way as champagne is. And as some of you will know, I’m quite passionate about all things champagne as my parents are from the Champagne region in France. 


It’s really made me feel very fortunate to be able to come and enjoy an afternoon of a lush, long lunch and good sparkling wine. I am also reminded that, what can help us if we want to be healthy, is not to take things away, but to add in more quality and pleasure. Often as a dietician, people assume that I’m going to tell them about their diet and that you should come off this and cut this out.



In one of my recent posts, I did a video on a cognitive bias called loss aversion, which is basically that most of us don’t like to lose out or deprive ourselves. The one thing I know when I do this work around lifestyle change with so many others is if you want to sustain change around your diet and your lifestyle, it can help if you rather add things in, especially things that you find pleasurable. 


I can’t be dining at Rathfinny every day – I wish I could, but I can’t. So it is about quality rather than quantity. For me, the food here has been really good quality, but the quantities have not been too big, which is great.


Where could you bring in pleasurable things? Where could you bring in some quality rather than quantity? Small amounts of the best quality dark chocolate or smaller glasses of really good wine? 


If it isn’t wine or food, perhaps it could be around how you rest. Could you bring in quality times to maybe be mindful? Quality habits to help you get a good rest at night? Quality time with family or friends? Could you think about, how do you rather bring something in, rather than cut it out, in order to get great results that are more fun to sustain over the longer term? 


A lot of people often tell me, oh, I drink too much coffee. Instead of cutting out coffee, could you perhaps add in better quality coffee in smaller amounts or really good quality teas interspersed with your coffees, or maybe add in some water so that you hydrate between the cups of coffee? Do you get the idea? Add in. Don’t take away.  


I’d love to know what would be pleasurable for you in a way that you could bring in more quality over quantity into your life. And I can highly recommend a lunch and a wine tasting at Rathfinny regardless.

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