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Healthy Foods

Want to look after your heart?

Want to lower cholesterol?

Want to lower high blood pressure?


  • BREAKFAST: A bowl of cooked oats with grated apple, cinnamon and a handful of almonds

WHY: Soluble fibre in oats may help lower cholesterol. The almonds provide some healthy fat.

  • SNACK: Fresh fruit of choice and a small fat free/low fat yoghurt

WHY: Fresh fruit contain vitamins, anti-oxidants and fibre. Eating lower fat dairy and animal products may also help to lower cholesterol.

  • LUNCH: A selection of crudités and 1 slice of rye bread with lower fat dip such as tzatziki or cottage cheese.

WHY: Vegetables are a must on any healthy eating plan! They are nutrient dense yet not high in kilojoules so help to keep your waistline in check.

  • SNACK: A few whole grain crackers with hummus and a fresh fruit of choice

WHY: Hummus is made from chickpeas and all beans (legumes) are high in soluble fiber which may lower cholesterol. They also keep you fuller for longer as they are slow releasing

  • DINNER: Grilled salmon or pilchard fish cakes and roasted vegetables with olive oil. Served with a large mixed green salad with avocado and oil free dressing and accompanied by an optional glass of red wine.

WHY: Eating less fatty meat and more fish, especially those high in omega 3 such as salmon and pilchards is a great heart friendly diet move. The resveratrol in the red wine may also benefit your heart  although no alcohol is always better. The avocado and olive oil provide healthy mono unsaturated fat!

Eat your heart out! Even though a food is good for your heart, it doesn’t mean you have a license to indulge. Always be aware of your portion sizes and the kilojoules you are consuming. But that doesn’t mean your meals have to be bland! Make sure that whatever you are consuming is flavourful by adding interesting spices and try to make every meal an occasion. When your food gives you pleasure, you will be more satisfied and less likely to over indulge. This is, after all, the secret to why French Women Don’t Get Fat according to Mireille Guiliano.




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