Unlocking The Secrets of Creativity

Blog post about unlocking the power of creativity


What’s the key ingredient for creativity and creative leadership? Curiosity. Most of the world’s innovations have risen from someone’s impulse to seek out new information, experiences and solutions.


And we know that curiosity is vital to organisations because in a world that changes as fast as ours does, curiosity helps leaders and their teams to adapt, to be agile, to think more deeply about decisions and possible solutions.


Curiosity makes us more open-minded, leads to more innovation and helps team members to work together more effectively and smoothly.


Yet despite these well-established benefits, leaders often put up barriers to curiosity, worried that it might result in a messy, costly process.


But curiosity has other benefits too – it can foster health and wellness, it positively correlates with intelligence, strengthens relationships, and even creates meaning. So if you’re feeling stifled, if you and your team are struggling to innovate, chances are you need to step back and tune into your collective curiosity – and that starts with you.


But how?


That’s what we explore during many of my presentations and workshops. Learning a host of techniques for living a fuller life that is healthier in mind, body and spirit – and learning to cultivate both curiosity and creativity. 


Here’s a quick, easy technique to help you stay focused and productive, especially when your to-do list is long and you’re feeling stressed. Ask yourself: How am I? How would I like to be? Here’s a video that can give you ideas on how to do this, and why it’s helpful.


The greater the range and depth of our curiosity, the more opportunities we have to experience things that inspire and excite us, from minute details to momentous occasions. When we do this, we can transform routine tasks, and enliven them – and ourselves ‒ with new energy. 


If you would like to be informed of workshop and event opportunities as well as all things sparkling and pleasurable, you can sign up here.


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