Wealth vs Health: Are You Leveraging Your Health To Build Wealth?

I filmed this video about ten days ago. And how the world has changed since then. COVID19 has gone from a regional concern to a global pandemic. Despite the chaos and uncertainty, the core message shared is relevant. Perhaps even more so than before as so many, myself included, need to rethink how we use and grow wealth (again).


Wellbeing is EVERYTHING right now. Wellbeing isn’t just “Am I not sick?”


Wellbeing is how you show up in the world. How you choose to BE. Physically, emotionally and mentally. Are you rested, resilient, centered, positive, thoughtful, caring, courageous and willing to face and improve reality?


As we all seek to adjust to the realities of the Coronavirus pandemic, I believe that one of the best things we can do is seek to optimise our wellbeing, holistically, therefore mentally, emotionally and physically. 



Key thoughts from the video: 


Many of us understand that even small investments of money over a significant period of time, can really create substantial investments. 


However, many of us aren’t doing that. We’re also not looking after our health. We’re building wealth or perhaps just surviving financially, but compromising on our health. And so my question to you is:


If you’re somebody who’s thinking about your own wealth and financial wellbeing, are you also thinking about your actual health and body wellbeing? 


Because it’s much better to be consistent and do small things regularly than it is to do nothing and be erratic or intense. 


Are you making small changes to your lifestyle and wellbeing that over the next five years, ten years, maybe two decades, will give you big benefits in terms of established routines, health enhancements and energy?


You don’t need to compromise and give up your health while you’re building wealth. 


In fact, you can leverage the two together. Don’t be somebody who potentially gets to a point in your life or try not to be, where you end up having to tap into your wealth to buy back good health. It is possible to do both of them together. 


I do believe it’s much easier when you’re making small changes and having fun and celebrating along the way. 


So don’t forget to do that too. Celebrate the quick and small wins. 


Because we change our behaviors much easier when we’re feeling good rather than feeling bad. 


So whether you’re building wealth through actual finances, whether you’re building wealth by looking at your health and wellbeing, make small changes, be consistent, have fun along the way.


I understand that we are in unprecedented times and I really hope that collectively we can help one another to stay healthy and keep exercising as well as mindful and well rested through the challenging times ahead. 


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